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Franco Beraldo, a painter-poet

Franco Beraldo is a painter-poet whose research into classical art, his atmospheres and his choice of colours have given him intensity.

He began with landscapes and still lifes, to reach an abstractionism rich in cleanliness that moves in a subtle and enigmatic direction.

that moves in a direction of subtle and enigmatic wonder.

His painting recalls Giotto, but constantly lives in the name of Masaccio.

Why is Beraldo a poet painter? Certainly because he describes an uncontaminated landscape,

Mediterranean, a suspended and light time.

Beraldo suggests to the lover of painting as well as to the collector, a form of polished

sobriety, which fascinates over the years. The unexpected poetry of human existence.

One is struck by an unusual luminous prism and the thread linking painting and poetry endures in a dimension rich in content.

endures in a dimension rich in content. For the Venetian master, painting is a place where technique

technique enters into an almost metaphysical relationship.

Perhaps it is for these reasons that some critics have identified a Morandian path that I personally share.


Can that path interpret the image, the certainty that the representation of the stroke

so well summarised in the refuge is at bottom the synthesis of a world that we can rediscover?

We could talk about the landscape and the soul, because observing his latest works the

context is essentially vibrant, with a jolt very close to poetry.

I prefer a certain kind of painting when it pursues an uncompromised but essential sensibility, one that is not undertone

not subdued but full of mental openings. Its sources are Sicily, they are the lights of the

Mediterranean, where the geographical reference dissolves into a linear tension.

Antonio Avenoso, poetic itinerary for Franco Beraldo 2009


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